What are people saying about MobiLit?

"MobiLit was used during a civil trust trial in Santa Clara Superior Court. The court was impressed with its ease-of-use and functionality. All parties felt it was great for reducing paper waste and equipment clutter. Court staff and attorneys looked forward to the opportunity of having it used in the courtroom again."

Santa Clara County superior court judge

"The app’s intuitive interface gives you the edge you need in any presentation scenario whether it be a board meeting, a classroom lecture or a large event with an audience of more than 100 people. However, the versatility of the app stretches beyond just being able to use it in different locations, the true power lies in the set of live document editing features that are included… This is effective during presentation situations where you need your audience to have additional reading material at hand as it reduces the need for them to take notes and increases engagement. Essentially what this app does through the live document editing is create a way for you to synchronize your presentation notes with audience members in real time… If you’re serious about making your next presentation the best presentation possible then this might just be the app you’re looking for."

Chris Caso www.appdictions.com