Common Questions & Answers

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  1. How do I create a case folder?

  2. How do I import files to a case?

  3. How do I access Dropbox files?

  4. How do I start a presentation?

  5. How do I end a presentation?

  6. How do I join a presentation?

  7. What does the Folder icon do?

  8. What does the Callout icon do?

  9. What does the Highlighter icon do?

  10. What does the Line Pen do?

  11. What does the Pencil icon do?

  12. What does the Eraser do?

  13. What does the Color Palette do?

  14. Go to page icon does what?

  15. What does Rotate Page do?

  16. What does the Split-screen icon do?

  17. What does E-mail Document do?

  18. Projector icon does what?