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We were very excited to see a review posted last week on for MobiLit. I contacted Lawyerist a couple of weeks ago informing them of our applications and offered promo codes for them to download and review the applications. Any exposure we receive is welcome and we appreciate Mr. Hendrickson taking the time to review the application for Lawyerist. We are aware the trial presentation application market is a crowded field for a niche market. Our goal in the creation of MobiLit was to simplify trial presentation with the ability to present and share via iPads for smaller proceedings. Our initial design was use in the courtroom, however, it has grown from there. One of our customers has raved about its use as a witness prep tool, while others have found its usefulness in depositions.  We feel an iPad will likely never replace a PC for full-fledged document intensive and video-laden trials. Yet for smaller hearings, bench trials, arbitration, witness preparation, depositions, etc., we felt that the ability to transmit documents to other iPads wirelessly is an awesome tool.

It is no secret the usage of tablets in the legal industry is increasing. An infographic from MyCase, Inc. showed that tablet usage by lawyers increased 33% in 2012, after a 14% increase in 2011. That’s a logarithmic increase and a sign that they are becoming more and more prevalent. Law firms are providing iPads for their attorneys and many laywers are replacing bulky brief cases and heavy laptops with the highly useful iPad. Our goal was to create a unique tool that could be beneficial in a multitude of situations. Not necessarily the end-all trial presentation tool as the iPad simply doesn’t have the functionality characteristics of a PC. For smaller proceedings the convenience factor of an iPad is too great to pass up and therefore we kept the application simple to fit the intended use. We didn’t want to overwhelm people with unnecessary tools and over-complicated menus that would slow them down while presenting. Instead we wanted to give them exactly what they needed in a simple-to-use format.

Unfortunately, there is some incorrect information in Mr. Hendrickson’s review. MobiLit absolutely accepts numerous file formats beyond PDF. At this time it doesn’t do video as the live transmission of video to other iPads is something that will take some time to develop and have working properly. However, it absolutely works with all Microsoft Office formats such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. It also supports TXT files so you can import depositions in a variety of formats. Mr. Hendrickson’s review also claims that MobiLit is not compatible with JPEG or TIF images. This is completely false and I question if Mr. Hendrickson even attempted to use any of these files.

Mr. Hendrickson also stated that MobiLit only ‘includes basic markup tools but no advanced presentation functions.’ He claimed that he could not figure out how to do callouts, yet the callout tool is the second button on the presentation screen directly above the highlight tool. MobiLit has just as much markup functionality as its competitors and in our opinion is even easier to use compared to others.

We appreciate Mr. Hendrickson’s criticism and are happy to state that MobiLit is currently undergoing a fresh round of improvements and revisions. We are aware that the importing functionality with DropBox can be a bit confusing and isn’t as intuitive as we had hoped. We are addressing this directly and we expect the next version of MobiLit to be much more compatible with DropBox. We are even adding integration features with DropBox such as the ability to save files and projects directly to DropBox. The import feature will be much easier to use and will alleviate much of the confusion I know people have had when first trying to import their documents.

Again, we are extremely appreciative of the review and exposure for MobiLit via We have a lot of respect for the website and its reviews and we are proud to be a part of it. We just wanted to take a second to defend some of the misconceptions in the review and we hope that anyone that is interested in the ability to share presentations over multiple iPads will check it out for themselves.

In a sea of apps we set out to be uniquely different and our difference is the ability to present to other  iPads wirelessly, not just to a projector. Hope everyone has a great week.

MobiLit Updates

MobiLit is currently getting some fixes and upgrades by the development team and we should have a new build in the App Store within the next few weeks!  We are ironing out some minor bugs that we’ve discovered to help make MobiLit run even smoother.  We also have a shopping list of upgrades that we are excited to implement soon!

You will see some slight redesigns to the UI that we hope will make MobiLit even easier and more intuitive to use.  We are also improving landscape functionality and we are making call-outs on juxtaposed documents stretch across the whole screen.

We also intend to add some significant changes to DropBox functionality which will greatly improve the ability to create cases and modify files.  There will also be the ability to take and save notes on documents, save your annotations, and more!  We are excited for all of these improvements and we hope you are too.

Also, thanks to Caitlin Moon at LITIG8R TECH for a snapshot article she posted on MobiLit back in March.  We appreciate the exposure as well as the feedback in the comments!

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Legal Productivity App of the Week!

The kind folks over at have featured MobiLit as their app of the week!  We are very happy to be featured on a great website dedicated to merging technology into the legal field.  Legal Productivity is run by the people at Rocket Matter, developers of legal productivity software and we truly appreciate their acknowledgement of MobiLit!

MobiLit in 2013

2012 was the birth year for MobiLit.  We put the idea in motion in January of last year, and by July we had a working beta that we were able to test and hone in the field.  We used it in court during a bench trial and were very pleased, as were all parties involved, including the judge.  We put MobiLit to market and sent it to numerous app reviewers to get some feedback.  Having been involved in the development and testing process since day 1, we wanted people with fresh eyes to use it and tell us what they liked, but more importantly what needed to be changed.

For 2013, we have teamed up with a development company in San Francisco to help make MobiLit more intuitive, more robust, and more efficient.  We have always wanted MobiLit to be simple to use from someone’s first download.  As the developers, it was hard for us to see the app objectively and understand where certain flaws were.  Once the app had been used by people with varying tech knowledge and we were able to get their feedback, we saw and understood where improvements could be made.

Over the course of this year, we will be updating MobiLit with new features as well as changing certain aspects of its functionality to make it even simpler and as user-friendly as possible.  The overall look of the app will see only a few changes, but usability will see some great improvements.  The ability to create Projects and Folders from DropBox will make importing much faster and easier.  Compatibility with PDFs and JPEGs will also see improvement.  We have a whole list of features and improvements that we will be releasing throughout the year, and I will continue to update the blog as we roll out these updates!

Dropbox vs. iTunes – What to use with MobiLit

There are several ways to import your documents into MobiLit.  You can open documents directly from e-mail on your iPad, you can connect to your computer and import through iTunes, you can import using Dropbox from within the application, or you can even use the iPad’s native Photos app, or iBooks.  For importing no more than a few documents at one time, e-mail, Photos, or iBooks work well, but for importing a large number of documents, there are really only two options: Dropbox or iTunes.

To import using iTunes, connect your iPad to your computer with a USB cable.  Open iTunes, if it doesn’t open automatically.  Select your iPad from under the Devices tab on the left, and then navigate to the Apps tab on the top.  Scroll to the bottom where the File Sharing menu is listed and select MobiLit from the Apps list.  You can now drag & drop files into the Documents list on the right side and they will be automatically imported into MobiLit.  You can also click Add… and navigate to the files you wish to import.  You can select multiple files to import at once, but you cannot add or drag & drop a folder with iTunes.  When you open MobiLit on your iPad, your documents will be stored in the Email/iTunes files tab from where you can import them into a Project.

To use Dropbox, you must first have an internet connection.  Open MobiLit on your iPad and create a Project to import files to, if you don’t already have one.  Then tap the Dropbox Account tab and allow Dropbox to sync with MobiLit.  Once synced, you can navigate within your Dropbox folders to the files or folders you wish to import.  The beauty of importing this way is that you can organize your files and folders within Dropbox and then import them maintaining this same organization.  Because of this, I find Dropbox to be the simplest, most efficient way to import files into MobiLit.  It is all done within the app itself, and it maintains large levels of organization so that you don’t have to re-organize files once they are imported into MobiLit.  Just set up your folders however you want them in Dropbox, and then import!

Witness Prep – A Great Use For MobiLit

Want to run through the exhibits you’re going to use for a witness examination without the hassle and paper waste of document binders?  MobiLit is the solution.  Import the specific exhibits you wish to use into a dedicated witness folder, start a presentation, connect your witness on a different iPad, and get your witness ready for trial.

Your witness will be able to follow along in real time and see exactly what to expect when they take the stand in the courtroom.  You can emphasize what points you want to focus on with call-outs, highlights, underlines, and free-hand drawing.  Your witness will be perfectly prepared and ready to go into the courtroom with no surprises.  And once in the courtroom you can use MobiLit just as you did while preparing the witness!  Give the witness an iPad in the courtroom, or connect an iPad to a projector for everyone to see, and you will be able to give them an identical presentation for what they were prepared to speak on.  MobiLit shines in any situation!

MobiLit Connects Without Internet

One of the unique features of MobiLit is it’s ability to connect and share presentations without an internet connection.  Any wifi hotspot can be used, regardless of internet connectivity.  You can set up an ad-hoc wireless network from your laptop, use a pocket router like a Verizon Mifi, your Android phone with the FoxFi application installed, or even this printer!

No internet connection is necessary, MobiLit simply needs the ability to have a shared connection between users in order to send data.  This gives MobiLit the ability to be used anywhere and in any situation, even a courtroom with no wifi, or a business retreat with no internet connectivity.  MobiLit shines in any situation!

Using MobiLit Effectively

Got a motion hearing coming up?  A sales meeting with a big potential client?  A lecture at a seminar?  A family gathering?  These are all great venues for the use of MobiLit.  And here’s why.  MobiLit enhances presentation and document sharing in any environment.  Import any documents, files, or photos you wish to display and they are immediately available for display throughout the room.

For a small court proceeding, bring your iPad and two extras for the judge and opposing counsel.  Connect all of the iPads to the same wireless network using any wireless network (including your phone), internet access is not necessary!  Start a presentation on your iPad, join the presentation on the other iPads and hand them out.  All parties can now follow along with any document or photo you wish to display.  MobiLit also allows you to annotate to enhance specific elements of the document.  If there is a jury, bring a projector and connect an iPad to it directly, or with Apple TV.  You have saved yourself the hassle of large boxes or binders full of documents, you have saved yourself the expense of a tech and equipment, and you have added some serious wow factor to your argument.

The same method can be used for sales meetings or lectures.  Provide your audience with iPads connected to your presentation in MobiLit, and you are guaranteed to have the full attention of all members of your audience, and the ability to engage them with the documents you wish to share.  If members of your audience already have iPads, have them download the free MobiLit Viewer from the App Store and they will be able to join in.

Even in a family setting, MobiLit can be a great way to share photos from a trip, or a PowerPoint presentation you did for school.  No matter what the situation is, MobiLit is a fantastic tool for business, or pleasure.  With it’s intuitive interface it is simple to use, but effective in any setting.

MobiLit reviewed by

MobiLit has been reviewed by Chris Caso of and has received some very positive remarks!  Chris was impressed by the functionality of the application and it’s potential to shine in business meetings.

“With integrated file sharing and live document  editing, this business app will guarantee everyone in your audience stays on the same page and give you an unprecedented level of control over your next presentation.  The app’s intuitive interface gives you the edge you need in any presentation scenario whether be it a board meeting, a classroom lecture or a large event with an audience of more than 100 people.”

Chris was also impressed with the ability to annotate documents to enhance specific points of your presentation and the effect this would have on keeping your audience engaged and engrossed in the material.

“However, the versatility of the app stretches beyond just being able to use it in different locations, the true power lies in the set of live document editing features that are included.  These live features allow you to share files to audience members over a wireless network and annotate them while presenting. This is effective during presentation situations where you need your audience to have additional reading material at hand as it reduces the need for them to take notes and increases engagement. Essentially what this app does through the live document editing is create a way for you to synchronize your presentation notes with audience members in real time.”

MobiLit is being featured on right now and is a spotlight app on their home page.  Thanks for the great review Chris!

“If you’re serious about making your next presentation the best presentation possible then this might just be the app you’re looking for.”